Monday, January 18, 2021

Character Creation Challenge: 7th Sea, 2nd Edition

7th Sea RPG
Today is something new for me. All the games I have done so far and have planned have been games on my shelf.  This weekend I have been playing around with this idea of a Sea Witch character.  The idea of this has been floating around in the back of my mind since the 2nd Ed days when we ran a short-lived campaign sea-based campaign.  So I went out bought 7th Sea, 2nd Edition.

The Game: 7th Sea, 2nd Edition

7th Sea was always an interesting game to me. I picked up the 1st edition a couple of times at my FLGS to buy but never bought it.  When I was at the Ennies a few years ago when 7th Sea, 2nd Ed won a bunch of awards and I thought about picking it up then too. 

The setting is an alt-Europe during the Age of Sail. I have to admit the idea, and the setting is a very intriguing one.  Reading through the game I am overwhelmed with ideas.  Not just for this game, but also to add to various other games.  

One day I should really do a Blue Rose / 7th Sea / Mage the Sorceror's Crusade mash-up.  I also could see all three of those games adding more depth to my D&D games, in particular to Glantri. 

Really there is so much here I will need to come back to this one. Might have to pick up the hardcover. It really looks like a great game.

The Character: Gwenhwyfar

For this character, I went with very familiar territory or as familiar as I can get here.  Really it was the fact that characters can be Pagans that sold me on the character idea here.  Also, the thinly-veiled version of Ireland in Inismore grabbed my attention. 

Circe Invidiosa 1892 oil on canvas
Concept: Sea Witch
Nation: Inismore
Religion: Pagan

Brawn ••
Finesse ••
Resolve ••••
Wits •••
Panache ••

Aim •
Athletics •
Brawl ••
Convince •
Empathy ••
Hide •
Notice ••
Perform ••
Sailing ••
Scholarship •
Tempt •••
Theft •
Weaponry •

Saoi (Wise one), Sailor

Bar Fighter
Able Drinker
Direction Sense
Disarming Smile
Eagle Eyes
Sea Legs
Team Player

Sorcery: Glamour

So I don't know about this character, or this system, yet.  But I am looking forward to learning more about both.  I am not sure if Gwenhwyfar and Seren would get along (my stand-ins for Irish and Welsh respectively). 


Jon Moore said...

I tried running a campaign and was quickly mired in the system and its quirky rules.

I am sad to say I quickly dumped it and rigged it to run in GURPS and am now having a blast

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I can completely see that.

I might keep it for ideas for other games really.