Saturday, August 1, 2020

#RPGaDAY 2020: Day 1 Beginning

It is August.  Where did the Summer go? Plus I should be at Gen Con now getting my kids to breakfast for a day of gaming. 

It is an August tradition for David F. Chapman of AUTOCRATIK to host the month-long #RPGaDAY. 
Like last year, this year we are given one-word prompts for our reflections.

Here are this year's prompts.
  1. Beginning
  2. Change
  3. Thread   
  4. Vision
  5. Tribute
  6. Forest
  7. Couple
  8. Shade
  9. Light
  10. Want
  11. Stack
  12. Message
  13. Rest
  14. Banner
  15. Frame
  16. Dramatic
  17. Comfort   
  18. Meet
  19. Tower
  20. Investigate    
  21. Push    
  22. Rare
  23. Edge
  24. Humour
  25. Lever
  26. Strange
  27. Favor
  28. Close
  29. Ride
  30. Portal
  31. Experience
Some jumped right out at me with ideas.  Others might take a me a bit more to come up with a good idea.

So let's go with today's word Beginning.

I have told the story here of my beginning in D&D and RPG many times. So no need to go over that.

Instead, I want to talk about the beginning of my blogging.

Back in 2007 I had no real intention of starting a blog, let alone one based around old-school games.  My website, The Other Side, was dead and I was working on my 2nd Ph.D. and working full time.

I started the blog after reading online about some old-school games and thought it might be fun to try. 
There were not a lot of blogs in the old-school scene yet. I started in 2007 but did not get going till 2008.  Grognardia didn't get started till about a year after I did, but built up more steam.  Most of the blogs from then, like Grognardia, are gone. Tenkar's started soon after Grognardia and is still around and has become the hub of the Old-School and OSR movements. 

I did not really plan to get into the OSR even as it was rising up around me.  I just wanted a place I could talk about D&D one day, WitchCraft the next, maybe talk about some horror movies or comics and then go on a little about Mage or other World of Darkness books.

Well...that was over 4331 posts and 13 years ago.

Since then I have spilled a lot of words here. I would like to think this writing has made my games better or at least my own books better. Will I be doing this for the next 13 years? No idea. But it has been a great ride so far!

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