Monday, August 3, 2020

Monstrous Monday: Astral Spiders

If you are feeling tired, lethargic, or otherwise drained then you could have been attacked by an Astral Spider.  

As their name suggests these demonic creatures are native to the astral plane, but they are attracted to people with psychic or empathic abilities.  The spider, which is normally invisible, attaches itself to a victim and drains Wisdom at the rate of 1 point per day. The Astral Spider stays attached and draining until it's victim reaches 0 Wisdom. 
Magic that can detect a curse or detect evil creatures can let you know that an Astral Spider is attached to someone or attacking. 

The Astral Spider is immune to physical attacks, including magical and blessed weapons.  They can only be affected by magic.  A specially worded Remove Curse spell will remove an Astral Spider.  A banishment or exorcism will also remove the spider and force it back into the Astral.

Astral Spiders only move in the Astral plane. The only time they are manifest in the real world when attached to a victim and then they do not move. 

Astral Spider
Vermin (Demonic)
Frequency: Very Rare
Number Appearing: 1 (1)
Alignment: Chaotic (Chaotic Evil)
Movement:  Special
Armor Class: 9 [10]
Hit Dice: 3d6+3* (10)
Attacks: 1 special 
Damage: 1 point Widom per day
Special: Immune to physical attacks, affected only by magic
Size: Small
Save: Fighter 3
Morale: 12
Treasure Hoard Class: None
XP: 125

Astral Spider
No. Appearing: 1
AC: 9
Move: Special (Astral only)
Hit Dice: 3
Special: Wisdom drain. 1 point/day


Brian I said...

Sweet - love that Night Shift stat block!

The Wind said...

Too bad you just play games, it would be nice to know how to remove real ones. And no, it doesn't steal wisdom.

DINGO said...

Thats what i came here for... the hell with the video game

Timothy S. Brannan said...

You know that Astral Spiders are not real right? I made all of this up.

__F3R__ said...

@Timothy S So you think astral spiders are not real? Try again. They don't "drain" wisdom, but the hell, those are real. They hate to be seen. They can pass through very, very thin crevices, independently of their size. They can change from material to astral planes. If you don't know about that real subject, it doesn't mean those spider doesn't exist: it means that you have not experienced it. We came here from Google, searching for the real phenomenon.

Mike Taylor said...

Interesting idea. I'll file this beastie away for later use, Tim.

Unknown said...

The things people will believe 😆🙄

Cleopatra León said...

I’ve been getting psychically attacked by these astral spiders for years now. They don’t steal wisdom however they are there to distract from connecting to your soul. I’ve had 13 soul retrievals and the spiders went from gigantic black widows the size of buildings to small daddy long legs. I feel the more connected to the soul, the less they can harm u. Nonetheless I came here to see if there was anymore info I could learn from.

Deepshikha Khatri said...

Hi, is there anyone ,who can tell me . How can we remove astral spiders. And how they get attach to us.

DINGO said...

Anyone learn anyhting about the removal of these things?