Saturday, September 28, 2019

Zatannurday: Harley and Zee's Halloween Road Trip

I love new Zatanna related releases!
On October 2nd we get DC's "Secrets of Sinister House" special featuring Harley Quinn, John Constantine, Detective Chimp, the Atom, and, Zatanna!

Here is some art that writer Paul Dini shared on his Facebook page.

This was featured on the DC Comics Blog a while back, but this is the first art I have seen.

Here is the bit that has me excited, "Paul Dini writing a 10-page Harley Quinn & Zatanna short with art by Cian Tormey."

A Zatanna and Harley Quinn road trip?  Sign me up!

I'll have to pick this one up on Tuesday.


Cross Planes said...

How do you get new comics on Tuesday?

We're not supposed to release them until Wednesday.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Comixology has them.

Cross Planes said...

I didn't realize that. Merely curious. Diamond, the sold U.S. distributor of comics, sends in secret shoppers all the time to make sure we aren't breaking street date. I see about 3 a month. It used to be I'd have go to UPS at 6am to have the comics ready at 11am.
Now, we get them on tuesday and have all day to get them ready. It was a game changer for us.