Thursday, August 1, 2019

#RPGaDAY2019: First

Today's topic is First.

I imagine that a lot of people will talk about their first RPG.  Well given that I have been celebrating all year my first RPG, I think I will follow along!

Seriously though, my first RPG has never been more on my mind of late. I say my first was D&D Basic, but that is only somewhat accurate.

The first RPG I ever played was Holmes D&D Basic.
The first RPG I ever owned was the Moldvay Basic Set.

These are the books I go back to time and time again.
Oh don't get me wrong, I love new games. I have enjoyed the hell out of D&D 5 and I have played a little bit of everything.  But these are the ones that fill me with unbridled geek joy.

These are the ones that I think about when coming up with new campaigns. These are my D&D.


Christopher B said...

I feel ya! Just the sight of that Erol Otus cover fills me with a deep desire to roll up an elf and start playing! And no matter what I'm playing, there's always some part of me that's longing to be playing Moldvay Basic.

The Rebel said...

Hey man. Nice post. I kinda re-discovered your blog again after re-reading one of your comments on my older post from '16. Good to reconnect again.

Funny thing is, I am also in the process of playing D&D again. Had some serious discussion with my old Dungeon Master the other day (he's actually the drummer of my band! hahah) and we're thinking of starting back the band real soon (and this Thief can't wait!)

D&D's really making a comeback everywhere for sure.