Friday, May 11, 2018

Kickstart Your Weekend: Maximum Mayhem #5: Palace of the Dragon's Princess

Maximum Mayhem #5: Palace of the Dragon's Princess

Mark Taormino is at it again and this time he has turned his offerings up.

His fifth module, Palace of the Dragon's Princess, on the way and it has already seen all it's funding met.

I have talked a lot about Mark's adventures and books.

I expect this one to be just as good. It's an obvious nod to Palace of the Silver Princess.

But the best thing about this?  We are getting a BOX!

I am in for a box, module and dice.

I am so stoked for this.

While overtly for OSRIC/AD&D 1st Ed, I want to play an epic B/X game with all of these.  The Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen goes to level 14 and that is perfect.  Sure they are all deadly as hell, but that is part of the fun, right?


Pun Isaac said...

I love Mark's adventures even if I wasn't gaming in the mythic hay day he mentions. I'm not backing at the boxed set level, but I probably will be by the time the Kickstarter is getting ready to end.

I also love that Mark let's me proofread for him. I get a taste of the adventures before they are actually released.

Mark Taormino said...

Thanks to both of you for your support!