Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday Mail Call: Monsters of Mayhem #1

It's Monday of my Spring Break.  I am getting a lot done over here but wanted to take a break and show off what came in the mail today.

+Mark Taormino's Monsters of Mayhem #1

While I have had the PDF for a little bit now I was waiting on this print version to sing its praises.   First off if you loved his adventures then you will low this monster book.

36 pages and 48 new monsters, each one more deadly than the last and just tons of fun.

You won't find these monsters in the Fiend Folio or Monster Manuals, nor even in the pages of Dragon.  But you will find them all here.

I have been waiting for a good reason to use a Demonica Gigantica against my players now for a while.

According to the book this is a small one.

Now how about 5e conversion Mark?


Pun Isaac said...

I'm a big fan of Demonica Gigantica too. I know he's an old school guy and it doesn't take too much to convert, but I think Mark would do well releasing 5E products as well, even if he just did pdf for 5E.

Bruno said...

That is a perfect match if I ever saw one to represent a monster on the table. ;) I myself have a Forsaken statuette from World of Warcraft that will be a perfect undead giant eventually for when my players are less squishy and can go to more dangerous places.