Thursday, June 8, 2017

Blue Rose Accessories

Had to stop by my FLGS tonight to grab some D&D books for a gift and saw they had the new Blue Rose GM's Screen and Dice in. know I had to get that!

My collection so far.  Printed PDF, with extra material from Fantasy AGE, my core book, the GM Screen, Dice and my Shadowscapes Tarot deck.

Opening up the GM Screen gave me a surprise. Laminated cards. Two with stunts, two with moves, and a combat tracker. I tried a dry erase overhead marker on them and they wipe right off.

The booklet has some ready to run character or NPCs. Plus a lot of easy to access information.

The screen is heavy duty and loaded with useful information.

The dice are nice too. They are d6s from Q-Workshop.  I note with some amusement they are the same color as the first set of D&D dice I ever owned.

Now I need some great adventures.  Maybe I'll have to write some.

How about it +Green Ronin Publishing! Can I write some adventures for you all?

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! Since I've gotten my Blue Rose book, I've pondered getting the other accessories even the Shadowscapes tarot deck especially since the cover artist for Blue Rose and the artist for Shadowscapes is the same. What do you think about the deck? It looks like it can be used to inspire quests or ideas at the least.