Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This Old Dragon

I have a bad habit of buying whole collections from people when I find them on Craigslist, Facebook or even at local flea markets.   Typically I find one or two items I really want, a dozen or so I can sell in the local game auction twice a year and then there are the leftovers.

Sometimes the leftovers are items that are so damaged they won't sell or are not even gaming related.  Recently though my "leftovers" have been old Dragon magazines.

I picked up a box of Dragons recently that are mildewy, dusty, and the vast majority are missing their covers.  Others are just water damaged. I stick them all into a box under my desk. Well, now they all have to go.

While I could just dump into the recycling (they are in really piss poor shape) I thought maybe I should go through them all first.

So that is what I am I going to do.

Introducing "This Old Dragon"!

This feature should be  (have not decided on the day yet) and I will grab a mildewy issue and read through it.  This will be a review feature like my White Dwarf Wednesdays, but there will be some notable differences.

1. I am not going to go in order.  I am grabbing a magazine out as I see fit and then I'll review it.   If there is an issue you want me to cover, we will both have to be surprised.  I am not even sure what issues I have.  I think the lowest is #54 and the highest is #160, but I can't be sure.  I am going to grab an issue in the morning, pop it open on my treadmill and go for a run.

2. I am not going to cover everything in the magazine.  This is in part out of choice and part out of necessity.  Some of the magazines are missing pages, others have pages too damaged to read.  Plus I only want to devote my attention to articles I like or would like to revisit.  In this case, it means I am likely to ignore the comics, but maybe focus more on the fiction I never read.

3. I have no idea what I have. Like I said I have a vague idea. I know I have duplicates and in one case triplicates of some issues.  There are many I don't have.

I am also not going to try to step on any toes of people reviewing Dragons now. If I see someone reviewing or have reviewed the same issue, I'll post a link.  Likewise, if you have something you want to say about an issue posted then post away!

I'll do this for a while and see how it goes over.  What do you think?


grodog said...


For the coverless issues, you can use the index on The Acaeum to ID the issues by date: https://www.acaeum.com/ddindexes/periodicals/dragon.html


Timothy S. Brannan said...


Also, some of them have the number written on them in giant red marker. ;)
So that helps bring their value down even more.

I am thinking this will be fun.

evildm said...
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evildm said...

I have a similar problem. when I see an old TSR game or supplement or really anything from my early days of gaming, I have to buy it to "Save it" from the trash bin or wherever copies of "Cyborg Commando" go to die.

Zudrak (Michael G.) said...

Just commenting to say that I really enjoy this series of articles traipsing down Dragon Magazine Lane. So much so that I come back to them often to get an inside look that the indices of sites like The Acaeum do not offer. Well done, Timothy!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

glad you are all enjoying this still!