Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More Trek

Working on some more ideas for my Trek game.   I spent some time last night talking to my Trek-loving son and came up with some ideas.

I want to put this between the TOS and TNG shows.  Sometime around 2344 or later, maybe the 2350s. There is nothing that I know of going on then.
The timeline in my games might be altered, maybe not to the extent of the "Kelvin" Universe of the new movies, but some other things.
For starters I want to use these uniform variants.

Though I might swap the colors for the TNG assignments. We know the red uniforms from WoK were still being used in 2250 though with TNG style com badges.

Still planning on using an "experimental" ship.  I am going to severely limit how the transporters are used I know that much.

Now MY big plot point that has nothing to do with the play test.

My son says you judge how good the playtest is by the number of coffee stains!
I know I should be ashamed (or shamed) for doing this, but I REALLY want to do "Trek + Cthulhu".

For my first adventure "Where No One Has Gone Before..."  (might change that) the new ship is taking it's first run using the new engines.  They are pushed to Warp 13 (I know...stay with me) and they end up in orbit over a dead planet orbiting the star Thuban, Alpha Draconis, 303 light years away.  Here they encounter Mythos-creatures, ones that now know of their existence.
I get the crew back to the Alpha Quadrant (I am not redoing Voyager) but now this new threat is on them.

I want to have an Admiral or Commodore on my ship for the first adventure. He is the one that betrays the Federation to the Old Ones.  I want to keep him alive, but deeply insane, they will need him later.

Not sure what will happen to be honest.
As my wont I REALLY want to give this a 70s feel.  Why?  Well TOS was an artifact of the late 60s and TNG was very much part of the late 80s, so it seems natural to me to make this feel like something from the late 70s.  While it is still Trek, I am going to liberally steal ideas from the old Buck Rodgers series that was on NBC (I know, it was the early 80s) and the original Battlestar Galactica.  Plus I can use some trippy ass occult stuff from the 70s. The so called "left over hippy shit".  Crystals, psychic powers, all of that.   I have plenty of ideas; things I have been playing around with for White Star.

Right now I have more ideas than structure.  So I am going to keep at it for a bit.


Rhonin84 said...

Sounds a lot like Star Trek meets the writers of Space: 1999 2nd season!

Anathemata said...

It's a bit before your time period, but have you seen this? Great ideas:


Mike said...

Trek + Cthulhu = perfect

The very approach of Star Fleet, and the Federation, to the universe makes cthulhu mythos perfect.

Experimental ship, on the edge of the federation, or weird back doors, perfect.

Maybe knowledge of the void and old ones is one of the reasons the Vulcans held us back. It could explain a lot of things

Sean Robert Meaney said...

Plot suggestion: Brain Parasites from T:NG have been in the federation longer than we thought. One has taken control of a genius scientist and has developed a modified warp engine and has a plan to enslave the crew.

minitrue said...

Look forward to hear how this works out. Sounds really interesting, and I nothing to be ashamed over, every things better with some Cthulhu thrown in.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@Sean. Yes! I have been wanting to do something with them ever since that episode aired and then left us hanging.

Shon Richards said...

It is all fun and games until the Mi-Go put the brain of your Science Officer in a metal jar. I would love to run an adventure where the crew investigates a space station that is made of weird angles like Dreams in the Witch-House.

Seriously though, it just occurred to me that Transporters would become super dangerous if some extra-dimensional monstrosity becomes aware of humans using them. Hounds of Tindalos appearing every other time you use a transporter would curb teleporting in a hurry.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Oh there will totally be Mi-Go brain jars!