Thursday, May 5, 2016

Against the Giants - Prep Time!

The boys are about a session or two from completing the A series.
Time to start thinking about getting ready for the G series.

I have already made a list (likely incomplete) of all the monsters in the G series.
Currently, I am gathering up supplies and minis, but I am coming up a little short.

There are these sets of paper minis that could work for me:
While searching for minis (no one makes giantesses that I have seen...well there is this set, but not for my kids use) I did find this adventure:
But I really know nothing about it other than it has a Storm Giant...which I am missing from the G123 series.  Looks promising though.

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Mike Gibb said...

Tim - if you go over to One Monk's site, they have two free sets of giants in amongst Dryw the Harper's "Imperfect" range. Cartoony in style - but I like them!!! :)