Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: Scum and Villainy

"Scum and Villainy" is likely to be the most aptly named supplement for the White Star game I have picked up in a long time.  After all, if White Star is the godchild of Star Wars and 70s D&D then Scum and Villainy had to come up sooner or later.

S&V is a 17-page book (cover, credits page, table of contents, 1.5 pages of OGL bring us to 12.5 pages of content) for playing the low-life of the galaxy.  Written by +Omer G. Joel it also features some really nice art from +Luigi Castellani.   It is very evocative. I see that and I think "Traveller" and that is not a bad thing.  Nor is it an accident.
I am in love with that cover.

There are two new classes, the Assassin and the Rogue who do pretty much what you think they do, but there are some nice features to make them fit the WS universe a bit better.

The gems of this though are the expanded rules. How to go unnoticed in space. How to sell stolen goods.  Really the stuff that you expect to see in a book like this, but never really do.

There is a section on ship mods, new equipment and new weapons.

There was a lot of good things here, but I was hoping for more.  Maybe a bit on a notorious crime synidicate or something along those lines.

With 17 pages at $3.99 I was expecting more.  Compare this to the B/X Rogue which is 24 pages at $1.50 and covers similar ground.   Combining the two would give you some really potent rogues!

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