Monday, January 18, 2016

The Return of Strahd

The news is finally out, Ravenloft is coming back.
I have known about this for a while now from multiple reliable sources but obviously could not say anything.

Curse of Strahd is the next campaign for D&D 5.

So yeah...I am REALLY excited about it.

I just hope that Barovia is not relocated to the Forgotten Realms. We all know it is from Mystara!

But in any case this looks great and I can't wait till March 5th!  (Yeah I get new releases 10 days early).


Pun Isaac said...

One thing I read on the Wizards page mentioned that heroes from the Forgotten Realms and other worlds would be drawn into his realm, so I think it's a separate place (probably in the Shadowfell).

Also, March 5 is my birthday. :)

Cross Planes said...

Timothy, as a playtester, I think you'll be pleased. I'm actually fairly anxious, because what I tested wasn't from level 1-10, but a much smaller range.