Friday, January 15, 2016

New 5e Material Out Now

This did not take long.

+Mark Craddock over at the excellent Cross Planes blog has already gotten two new classes out for D&D 5 over at The DM's Guild.

Dhampirs and Way of the Telekinetic.

I picked up the Dhampir one and I like it. It is quick, easy and adds some fun to D&D5.
Plus it is only a buck so how can I complain about that.

It is nice to see this content come out and I hope this is a first of many new products from Mark but also others.

Everyone is fearing a repeat of the great d20 glut and flood of the early 2000s, but not me.
Bring it on! I am ready to drink from the firehose.

Congrats Mark!  Looking forward to more!

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