Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What Will the Great Pumpkin Bring You?

Still buried in projects include my day job.

But I always get myself something gaming related for Halloween.  Not sure what I am getting myself this year, I got a lot of really cool books at Gen Con that I have barely cracked open.

One thing that has me interested in The Demonolater from +Joseph Bloch.

His Darker Paths books for the Witch and the Necromancer were a lot of fun and I expect this to be the same.

What are you looking forward to?

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Tim Emrick said...

I plan to buy Fantasy AGE as soon as my FLGS gets it in. I enjoyed the Titansgrave web series, and even though my interest in running/playing that setting is low, I was recently reminded that GR is planning a FAGE book for Freeport. And it will let me learn the system while I wait for the Blue Rose AGE book (which I backed on KS) to be produced.