Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Movie Challenge: Spell (2014)

Spell (2014) aka "Nam Man Prai".

A monk/sorcerer is caught in customs with a strange vial, a love potion he claims.  It gets into the wrong hands and soon poor Prae (played by Wanida Termthanaporn) is infected.  She goes from sweet, shy office girl to a sex fiend.  Somewhat literally since during sex she transforms into this monster (a "ghost" in the translation) that looks like a cross between a hag and a lamia.

The movie is a bit confusing in places, mostly because it is from Thailand and I think the translation was a bit off.  Also I am not 100% that some scenes were cut out.

The monster in this was a nice little shock the first time since I was not expecting it.  The story is your basic morality play of "don't have sex, sex is bad, mkay?"

Though there is a neat little twist at the end.

Nam Man Prai I guess means "love potion" or "love spell" in Thai.

For games I guess a cursed love potion could turn whomever drinks it into a homicidal hag.

All in all not a bad flick to start out October!

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