Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gods of the Witches

Here is the second part of my Gods and Goddesses of the Witches.  Here are the gods.

Name of the God
It is no secret that much of witchcraft is “Goddess focused”, there is though a God as well.  Though he might get a secondary placement in some Traditions and ignored altogether in others, He is to most witches equally important.
Listed here are various Gods. Included in each listing are a description of that God, likely alignments and Domains as well as the Goddess they are consort to.

God of light, prophecy, music and the sun.  He is twin brother to Artemis.  Witches that honor him are given the gift of prophecy.
Alignment: CG
Areas of Influence: Good, Light, Music, Sun
"Consort" to: Artemis

Horned God of the Celts, master of the Hunt and Summer, Cernunnos is prototypical of the witch Gods. He is known as the Summer Lord and the Horned One.
He is also a fertility God, in this case male fertility. His horn crested head symbolizes masculine power
Alignment: N
Areas of Influence: Fertility, Harvest, Hunting, Summer
Consort to: Danu

Earth and father God to the ancient Celts. He stirs the cauldron of creation. He mates with the Morrigan once per year, but shares his cauldron with Cerridwen.
Alignment: LN
Areas of Influence: Earth, Life and Death
Consort to: Cerridwen or the Morrigan

The God of wine in both it’s meanings. He is the God of abundance and religious ecstasy. He is also the God of drunken revelries, debauchery and madness.  Nymphs and satyrs always accompany his followers, called the Maenads or Mad Ones.
Consort to: No one.

The Egyptian God of Life, Death and Rebirth.  He began as a God of the harvest, in particular corn. He is Brother to Set and Isis and husband to Isis. Set killed Osiris and cast away his dismembered body. Isis reunited his body parts and brought him back to life. He then became lord of the dead.  He is also the God of the Nile and Law.
Alignment: LG
Areas of Influence: Good, Earth, Knowledge, Life and Death
Consort to: Isis

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