Thursday, March 20, 2014

Same Class

Random thought this morning between cups of coffee.

Have you ever been in a game where every character was the same class?
If so what class and how did it work out?

At Gen Con a couple years back I played a Castles and Crusades game where everyone played an assassin. Another time I played some 4e where everyone was a dwarf fighter.

The assassin one worked, the fighter one not as well, but A for effort.

How about you all?

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Gerall Kahla said...

Wizards. Well, each player had a collection of characters. A wizard and [something else, typically a bodyguard] to accommodate the mages' squishiness.

It was our take on the "School of Magic" trope before Harry Potter made a literal school out of it, or Ars Magica formalized custodes. Set in Greyhawk, we were all apprentices to sorcerers in the same circle/coven. We were sent on missions much like Young Justice would be for three Justice League.

Our GM was brilliant! As we progressed, our mentors would be captured / banished / magic jarred until it was up to us to save them all and put the menace down. Antagonist NPCs included several failed apprentices, political rivals of our mentors and PCs, an entire clean of dwarves, and a blue dragon coordinating them all secretly.

Brilliant campaign! That one ran for ~4 years using AD&D. The codex of original spells we wrote was, by itself, a treasure that I still mete out slowly to my current players...

Great question!