Wednesday, April 4, 2012

White Dwarf Wednesday #11

It's still Wednesday!

White Dwarf issue #11 has the magazine continuing it's stride.  We are getting close to the time when I had started playing, so I am coming into territory I find a little more familiar.

First off, is that a spacesuit she is wearing?  I am not sure, but I know this is not Dragon.

Getting right in to the articles, we have some new firearms for Traveller.  I think I had a bad photo copy of this article cause I remember trying to convert it to Star Frontiers some years later.  I remembered it because of the Stormtrooper on page 7.  Try doing that these days!

The Fiend Factory introduces us to some familiar to us now; the Witherstench, Sheet Phantom, and the Berbalang.  The others were also interesting and I am getting more curious on how the monsters were chosen.

What might be the highlight of the issue is the one page rules (and 2 page map) on the D&D bar fight.  I wonder if Lew Pulsipher has updated this at all?  Challenge to the OSR: Come up with rules for a bar fight, accounting for all the things found in a bar and make it easy and fun to use!  Right now I could print thi sout and use it in 3.x or 4e without much work.

Open Box gives us a review on Runequest (9/10) and SPI's Middle-Earth (5/10).
Also we are treated to a review of D1, D2 and D3 in their original format. Don Turnbull gives it a rare 10/10.  But this is a classic, reading the review gives you the sense of when this was all new. AD&D has arrived and the RPG hobby will never be the same.

We are treated(?) to an April Fools class, the Weakling.  We will see something similar in a future Dragon article, the Hopeless Character.
More of Four Winds and ads.

Speaking of which this the first issue where we are treated to this ad:

I have heard that this is Gary Gygax's daughter.  This ad is so 70s. The future is silver hot pants and big laser guns.


Lewis Pulsipher said...

No, I never updated Barroom Brawl. As you say, it ought to be usable with 3e and 4e without much trouble. Someone wrote to me once wanting to update it, and I said go ahead, but I don't know if he did.

Lew Pulsipher

Lewis Pulsipher said...

I should have said, sooner or later I'll be offering two PDF books of reprints of my magazine articles, including this one.

Timothy S. Brannan said...


My "White Dwarf Wednesdays" of late have been mostly "why the heck hasn't someone updated such and such article?"

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Robert Morris said...

"The future is silver hot pants and big laser guns."

Blog quote of the week.