Friday, March 16, 2012

I think I need one of these

A pop-o-matic d20.

You can get yours here:

I might need to get one of these.


scottsz said...

Bonus pop!

Anonymous said...

That would be perfect for a d30.

Alex Osias said...

I support your desire to need one of these.

Douglas Gray said...

Hey All, I'm Dougie, of 20SideUp. I'd be happy to customize these for any of you.

You can hit me up on Etsy or Facebook (Douglas Parker Gray there)

Thanks for the kind words, and yeah, David, I can do a d30. I'm working on a d10,000 for Jolly Blackburn right now.

Unknown said...

I am not sure I would ever use it...but I do love that it is sparkly.