Wednesday, November 2, 2011's not YDIS

But I got called out anyway.

Out of the Closet blog. That made me laugh.

Mistress of Doom doesn't quite have the same level of gravitas as YDIS.  But give her time and I am sure she will end up pissing someone off just the right way to get some attention.

Until then I'll give her some free clicks.  What the hell.

Now if I can only remember where I left my flash-drive with my 10,000 page massive Willow/Tara and Xena/Gabrielle crossover epic.  Maybe it is in that jar she mentions.


James said...

Oh. Joy.

I wonder how many more are going to pick up the YDIS banner.

YDIS is still posting, by the way and the site can still be accessed by anyone with a modicum of google skills.

F. Douglas Wall said...

Now if only she were funny.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@James, oh snap! Now she is going after you. ;)

I see she removed the number of subscribers applet because 1 is bad. Actually I am sure her one subscriber is a sock-puppet anyway.

@Doug. Yeah, but is so cute how she tries.

Anonymous said...

I tried resisting making a comment about this, but I can't.

So, I read through the few posts and this girl seems like she is not really even into the OSR, she is just heckling from the sidelines about something that she isn't even into, which speaks volumes about the general sanity involved. YDIS is, whether you believe the unmasking or not, one of us. I found some of the posts funny and then Christian got hit and YDIS lost a lot of fans on the spot. This "Mistress of Doom" sort of has a failure to launch vibe going as what she does is sort of like me writing a blog about how dumb I think NASCAR is (and I think it is) since I don't watch it and I am not involved in NASCAR whatsoever. My prediction: she will move on to someone else when she realizes hassling old guys doesn't have a pay out. It was, to a point, already done better.

Narmer said...

Wow. That is some blog. A little venom anyone?