Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zatannurday: More Deviant Art

I like Deviant Art. While there is a bunch of junk on the site, there is still a ton of great art to enjoy and sometimes even buy a print of.

Here are some more of my favorite Zatanna pieces.

do you believe in magic? by ~KillerStella on deviantART

_Zatanna by ~JardelCruz on deviantART

Zatanna goes to Heroes con by ~doonboy on deviantART

Zatanna-Ink by *leonartgondim on deviantART

Zatanna - Elegance And Magic by ~Canjoke on deviantART

Zatanna by =Candra on deviantART

And more from Chrissie Zullo

Zatanna Commish by *chrissie-zullo on deviantART

Zatanna Commission by *chrissie-zullo on deviantART

And one special non-deviantART one that was posted earlier in the week.

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Laura said...

Those are great. I suspect Zatanna is a lot of fun to draw, what with her being a sexy magician and all.

There is a surprisingly good amount of fanart on Deviant Art, it's true. For example, this piece of Harley and Ivy: