Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Once upon there was Irish ways and Irish laws.

One of my WIPs that is very close to my heart is a game of playing mythic Ireland.

Éire (also sometimes called Ériu in my notes) has been in my notes for many, many years and the system has changed based on what I have felt best suited it.  Presently, and likely to be the final version, uses the ORCS system seen in Jason Vey's Spellcraft and Swordplay game.  I chose that over say straight OD&D or some other clone because I like the feel of the game and it has some DNA in it that I really like.

Well the game has languished in the hell of my hard drive since the dawn of the d20 system.  But last night I got inspiration from an unexpected source.

I was working with my son last night on his research paper on Ireland.  We talked about the the Blight, the Troubles and even went back a bit to talk about St. Patrick and my personal favorite Finn MacCool.  After telling him the story of the Salmon of Knowledge my son (whose name is Liam by the way) looked at me and said "this would make an awesome D&D game."

So I am rereading all my notes.  Marveling at some, and wondering what the hell I was thinking with others.
No idea when I'll have it done.  But I feel I should get it done soon.  If for nothing else for my boys Liam and Connor, so they can learn a bit of their own heritage too.


The Angry Lurker said...

Tell them about Cu Chulainn, Táin Bó Cúailnge and especially about Oliver Cromwell.

The Grey Elf said...

That'll make THREE works in progress you've got to get to me :p

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@Angry Lurker: Yes! I actually played "Irish Ways and Irish Laws" fo rhim and explained what each of the stanzas meant.

@Jason: Yeah..yeah..

Anonymous said...

YES! We had a special 'cattle raid' session back in March, led of course by Finn MacCool and his Fianna.

Those stories are amazing, homeric.

William said...

I've run some ancient Celtic stuff in the past. My primary D&D campaign world is based on the premise of successive waves of Celts migrating there over the course of centuries, but they are a mish-mash of Gauls,Britons, Celt-Iberians and Gaels from various points in their (mostly) pre-Christian histories. The only time I ran a Mythic Celts campaign set in our world the primary campaign area was Gaul, although one of the Characters was an Irish Druid. I'd love to see your notes, much less a finished project!

captainben said...

I ran a mythic Celt game in 4th edition a while back. I drew heavily from the Slaine comic and RPG, but drew in a lot of stuff straight from old stories and folklore. Very interested to see your take on it.