Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Quest of the Ancients

Q is for Quest of the Ancients, an RPG I discovered back in the days when I was getting "out of" D&D and looking for something else.

Quest of the Ancients can be described as a D&D clone, a D&D add on or as a collection of someone's house rules.  The author, Vince Garcia, had some publications before QotA came out including some material for AD&D2 and White Wolf magazine.  So he was not a noob to this.

QotA fills that same slot of near-D&D that you will sometimes find other games living in. Similar to the Atlantean series from Bard Games.  Lejendary Adventures is one that comes to mind as well.

Why did I pick it up?  Simple, it was advertised as having the most complete Witch class ever made.  I forget where I read that, but I knew I had to pick up a copy.  So I did. I was a bit underwhelmed, but there were some good bits.

While the game certainly has it's impressive moments, it never struck me as bringing anything new to my table.  I liked the Gypsy class, the Witch class was interesting, but everything else seemed like a poor-man's copy of AD&D.  There were a ton of classes in this book, something like 15 or more, and a bunch of spells.

I want to talk about the witch class for a bit.  Now in general I liked the witch.  Garcia was obviously pulling from some of the same books I was when he wrote up his witch.  Also (and you can tell by looking at the cover) this was a thinly-veiled attempt to have a "Stevie Nicks" character class.  I can't say I disapprove of that.  There was also a gypsy class which was divided into Male and Female gypsy.  I kinda made sense, kinda didn't.  I see what the author was trying to do, but I don't think it worked out as well as he liked.

I have always wanted to pick up the second edition.  I don't know if much has changed in it, but the cover art is much better (featuring the same characters).

I like this cover to be honest.  The Witch looks more like Stevie Nicks than ever and the wizard looks like he has gained a few levels.

I have wanted to get this, but can't actually bring myself to buy it until I see what some of the differences are between the editions.  I am hoping that there is something here above and beyond the first edition, but I am fairly sure there is not.    In the beginning of the 90's this might have been a cool game to play, but today it looks a little a dated.  A+ for effort though.


Noble Knight Games (best place to get it really)

ETA: And check out Jeff Grubb, also doing QotA for his Q post.


Wymarc said...

I almost went with that for the Q item but could not remember enough about it to warrant putting it up there.

I had not seen the newer version and do like that cover better. I personally think the Witch as put forth in Dragons #43 and #114 were some of the best repersentations and of those I liiked the one in #43 best.

Tim Brannan said...

The differences between #43 and #114 are mostly minor editing and bringing her more in line with the current rules.

The OotA witch is a bit over powered and from what I recall seems to draw from the Dragon #43 witch a bit.

JB said...

If only there WAS a Stevie Nicks class...

; )

Martin R. Thomas said...

Can you tell us a little bit about the gypsy class? You mentioned you liked it. What's it like?

Herb said...

Thanks for doing this as my copy isn't here yet.

BTW, thanks to you I have obtained a Stevie Nicks discography to play while reading this and creating a game.

Yes, I plan on playing it thanks to you.

Also, thanks for the pointer to Jeff Grubb's post on it, although I'm torn on how to read the last line. I do think his point that these games are built from the same spirit we're bringing to the table is true.

Tim Brannan said...

The male gypsy was kinda like a bard/rogue character and the female one was kinda like a seer.

I'll have go over the book again and maybe do a proper deep-dive into it.

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