Friday, April 1, 2011

A to Z blog challenge, Let it begin!

Hello! Welcome to the Other Side!

This blog is the "reincarnation" of my old The Other Side website from the dawn of the Web.  I like to write about role-playing games, particularly old-school ones, D&D and horror games.  I post a lot of character write-ups, I love witches and magic.

I am participating in this blogging challenge for the same reasons I am blogging to begin with; to help improve my ability as a writer. Challenges like these help stretch those creative muscles and hopefully get me to write about stuff I might not normally do.

I am not alone in this challenge.  I am going to be following all these blogs, some of which I only know about because of this challenge.  Please join me in watch and reading these blogs.

Ands a few new blogs to me that are also participating.


Unknown said...

The Risus Monkey has thrown his hat into the ring. My first A to Z post will be this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do this as well on my blog, and yes I realize I'm a bit late. :)

Anonymous said...

Er... wrong URL. Sorry. :)