Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Movie Reviews: Round up

Rounding up some more movies I saw over the last week or so.  The biggest issue is not watching the movies, but finding the time to blog about them.  I also I like to watch a lot of the Halloween related Discovery and History channels shows and I didn't do that this much this year.

The Plague of the Zombies (1965)
Hammer does zombies.  Interesting take really.  The zombies are sorta incidental.  The big bad here is our voodoo master raising up the corpses of the dead to ... go to work mining.  Sure, it actually makes sense really.  Perfect workers, they don't need to be paid, they will work overtime and if poisonous gas hits the mine they keep on going.
And he would have gotten away with it to if it weren't for those meddling kids-err adults.
Entertaining flick but something that I have long suspected hit me.  I am not a big fan of zombie flicks.  Sure I like Romero and the Dead movies.  But as a whole zombies are not really a sub-genre of horror I care much about.

The Covenant (2006)
Saw this cheap at Target, so I picked it up.  Not bad, not good either.  Think "The Craft" only with dudes.  Five families with magic have lived in this town since Puritan times now the next gen is ready for their powers (even if using magic ages them rapidly).  Of the five only four families are left till new guy comes to town.  Wanna guess who he is and what he wants?  The movie had some good chances to break cliché and many times it looks like it will, but instead it just goes right into it.  Well at least it was cheap.

Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)
My expectations for this one had been pretty low.  I had re-watched Hammer's Frankenstien recently (but didn't review it since I had seen it before) and it was ok.   This movie was something altogether different.  Dr. Baron Von Frankenstein is at it again and again in the form of Peter Cushing.  This time he revives a young woman who committed suicide.  And just because he can, he put the soul of her wrongfully murdered fiancée into her body.  The new woman then goes on a killing spree, killing the men that wrongfully accused her, er him, and got him executed in the first place.
Interesting flick because of the whole metaphysical aspects.   Plus Cushing was fantastic in this, I got so used to seeing him as one Van Helsing or another that seeing this side of his acting really was great.  And lets be honest here, if you are going to go through the effort to create a woman out of the materials you have at hand, you can do a lot worse than Susan Denberg.

Will have to see what I can catch tonight.

Not sure where my count is now.  Will have to add them up later.

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