Sunday, February 21, 2010

Taking a new path

So. I had a plan. It was a good plan as far as these things go. That is till my regular DM decided to do something unexpected.

We have a few games going, I have one with my kids (3.x), he has one with his (4.0), we have one together with some friends (4.0) and one with both families (4.0).   I was going to finish out my game with my boys and start up a 4.0 game with them to go through all the classic modules.

That is till last night.  Turns out that my DM now wants to use Pathfinder.

Now don't get me wrong, I like Pathfinder, it is a nice book and really a good looking game.  I also happen to think that there is some life left in the D&D 3.x game too.  But this does mess up my master plan. ;)

We were talking today about what adventures he wants to do with this group (him, his three boys, me and my two) and it was very, very similar to my plan I had for 4th Ed.

Last night I was less than thrilled about "going back" to 3.x, but today I am actually quite excited about it.

I have been on Paizo's website and there is a ton of fun stuff there. And the Pathfinder stuff is compatible with all my other 3.x stuff.   Plus I am going to get to play their witch (which is not exactly like mine for 3.x, but close enough).  So this could be very fun to be honest.  I can still use all my 4.0 stuff with my boys, I just might need a new plan on adventures.

So it looks like I'll be playing D&D 4.0 AND Pathfinder/D&D 3.65 (or something like that).
Anyone else playing Pathfinder? Any tips or advice?


Anonymous said...

Pathfinder has some quirks so just because something works one way in 3.5 it may not work quite that way in PF. In other words, it never hurts to check the rules just to be sure.

Hamenopi said...

Running a Pathfinder campaign. It's a blast. Just have fun and if you don't know all the rules, who cares? I just roll a d20 and if it's high.. why not?

Gaming Ronin said...

Keep us updated on the game. Although I ran some games using the Beta I have not played the final product. I've gotten away from all things d20 (except for M&M) So I'm interested in seeing your opinion of it in a few games. Its the way I would have gone If I had continued with D&D since I was less than thrilled with 4.0.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I will!

No I will be honest here. I have been playing 3.x with my boys. They are young so we freely mix D&D, Star Wars, BESM d20 and other things into a mis-mash of a game.
It has been a total blast though.

We have been slowly moving to "The Real Rules" so the jump to Pathfinder will not be a huge one for us.

We have also played 4.0 and we have had fun with it.

My DM came over yesterday and helped my move some stuff in my office and we talked a lot about it. It was very cool and I am getting more excited about it all the time really.

I am planning to compare my 3.x/Pathfinder experiences to our D&D 4.0 ones.