Monday, November 4, 2013

Post 2000!

Welcome to the 2000th post at The Other Side!

I wanted to take a little time here for some brief introspection.  I started this blog back in 2007 with no idea what I wanted to do with it. I based the name and style on my older website, also called The Other Side, and this was supposed to be integrated into that.  Well I never rebuilt the old website and instead parsed out material I had written for that here.

In 2008 I decided that this would become a design blog where I would talk about the projects I was working on.  The first of those two projects died on the vine as the case with a lot of freelance work.  While that is too bad, I have been allowed to reuse some of the work in my own projects.
The second project quickly morphed.  I had started Eldritch Witchery back then for the Spellcraft & Swordplay game. In the process on working on that I also came up with the idea of doing The Witch.
They were the reasons I kept this blog going in those early days.
Soon I discovered more blogs and the rest, well here are now. Sadly many of the blogs I started with are not around, but the ones are happen to be quite good. So I feel I am still in very company.

It took me over three years to get to 1000 posts, and then just under two years to get to the next 1000.

With Eldritch Witchery and The Witch now complete the original emphasis for this blog is now gone.  But despite my early thoughts of "not having enough to say" I find that I often can't keep quiet!
So I am expecting to have another 2000 posts. It might take me longer since I am not sure what future blogs have to be honest.  Don't expect video blogs from though, just not my thing really.  But I have more projects on the way. More characters to stat up and more games to talk about.

Of course none this is possible without you, the reader and commenter.
To show my appreciations, I am running another contest.

You can win a copy of Eldritch Witchery or The Witch?  Simple, follow the rules below and in the comments section please post who your favorite witch (or wizard) is.

Grand Prize gets a copy of BOTH books.
First Place Prize gets a copy of Eldritch Witchery
Second Place Prize gets a copy of The Witch.

You can enter every day for more chances.

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Good luck!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Other Side, the First 2000 Posts!

How is everyone tonight?

Me? I Am gearing up to give away a few copies of Eldritch Witchery and The Witch to my readers here!
Yup that time again.  But this time it is going to coincide with some other big milestones.

This is my 1,999th post here at the Other Side.
The next post is post #2000.

I have also set up a Facebook page for this blog.

So how can you win a copy of Eldritch Witchery or The Witch?  Simple, follow the rules below and in the comments section please post who your favorite witch (or wizard) is

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!

The New Witches of TV

2013 is turning into the TV Season of the the Witch.  Rarely has there been this many witches on TV at once.

American Horror Story: Coven
What's not to like about this one? Witches. New Orleans. Voodoo. Stevie Nicks music.  Sounds like my kind of show.  Plus it has Jessica Lange as "The Supreme" or what would called in one of my games, the Witch Queen.  So far the story is engrossing and I am sure there is going to be a fairly hefty body count.
The witches on this show seem to have a signature power as well as the ability to cast some spells.  There are only a handful of witches left in America (having been hunted down) so there is a sense of "us vs them" in this.  Actually given the voodoo angle it is likely to be "us vs them vs them".
ETA: Totally "us vs them vs them".

Witches of East End
This show is based on the books by Melissa de la Cruz.  This is much more campy and much more soapy.  Here the witches don't have a power each, but a signature curse.  I kinda like that to be honest, very Practical Magic about them.  It deals, much like Charmed and Practical Magic, with sisters.  I will say that this is the first time I have watched Julia Ormond in something and I liked her in it.  It also stars Mädchen Amick, who I have liked since her brief appearance on Star Trek The Next Generation back in season 2 (1988-89).
Comparisons to Charmed and Practical Magic are going to abound in this one. The house even reminds me of the Halliwell Manor home.   It is not quite as good as American Horror story, but there is fun about it.

Sleepy Hollow
Though not a witch-show per se, it does feature Katia Winter as Katrina Crane who was/is a witch.   I liked Katia Winter during her recent stint on Dexter, so her roll her is very different but gives you just enough to make me want to know more about her.  Plus I want to know how this character differs from the original Katrina Van Tassel.

Two other shows that don't presently have any witches but very likely might are the new Dracula series on NBC and the upcoming Bitten on SyFy based on the books of Kelley Armstrong. Then there is also the rumor now of Charmed coming back to TV as a reboot.  Way too early for that to be honest despite how much I enjoyed Charmed.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different...

My friends Jody and Beth left a life in the suburbs to pursue a dream of running a sustainable farm.  They are doing that now but they are also up for grant from Chase to make their farm better.

I want everyone who reads this to vote.  Here is why:
- Every likes to complain when the big banks screw up.  Well the biggest one, J. P. Morgan-Chase is giving away money.  Vote to say you approve of them doing good.
- Jody was a 9-5 career guy, Beth a special ed teacher, they got off the yuppie-in-training lifestyle to pursue a dream.  Vote if you support people following their dreams to do what the love.
- Vote if you hate yuppie scum and want to support their escape from the soul sucking that is the suburbs.
- They are running a small sustainable farm. Vote if you support people trying to make a difference, even if (or especially if!) it is only local.
- They are not Monsanto. Plenty of my online friends should vote just because of that!

So please. Click. It takes no time really, but could mean a world of difference.


Zatannurday: Random Favorites

Been collecting a few new favorites this past month for Zatanna.
I was hoping to have a theme, but today I need to take down Halloween stuff and I'd like to get a game in.  So here are some random ones!

Zatanna-pinup1 by ~SkopeIllustration on deviantART

Zatanna by *PhilipSasko on deviantART

Zatanna Zatara - Showtime by ~Taeyen on deviantART

Zatanna commission by *shamserg on deviantART

Zatanna -Injustice: Gods Among Us- by ~KGanArt on deviantART

Gothic Zatanna by *kharis-art on deviantART

Thank you from YJA by ~Youngjusticeaddict on deviantART

Her Fault by ~Loganman17 on deviantART


Zatanna by ~marcelomueller on deviantART

Zatanna by ~krissthebliss on deviantART

Zatanna Zatara by ~happysmily on deviantART

Commission - Doctor Strange and Zatanna by ~tyrannus on deviantART

Zatanna Marker Sketch by *JocelynAda on deviantART

Zatanna by ~thistle-n-weeds on deviantART

Ashley Green's Zatanna - Colors by *StacyRaven on deviantART

Zatanna: Tibbar Tah by *Glass-Owl on deviantART

Friday, November 1, 2013

Eldritch Witchery Print Proof

Got a preliminary print proof of Eldritch Witchery.

It's not the final proof yet, but it is close! And I am pleased as hell with it.

EW with the Spellcraft & Swordplay core rules.

Core rules and boxed set.

Eldritch Witchery and The Witch

Eldritch Witchery with some of my other favorite old-school games.  No indication of compatibility is implied.

And my two most recent games.  No indication of compatibility is implied here either, but they are awfully fun together!

I hope to get the print versions out to you very, very soon.

Halloween Hangover

Another Halloween has come and gone.  We still have the weekend to look forward to.
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