Thursday, March 30, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 3, Room 30

 This room is right off of the smaller lab (Room 29). This room is large with lots of operating tables in the center and desks and workbenches along the walls. There are large vats along the walls.

Room 30

When the characters enter this room, zombies begin to crawl out of the vats.  They are covered in thick sticky blood.

Vat Zombies (5). These zombies have 2+1** HD and are faster than normal zombies and can attack at any point in the round. They also have +1 to damage and AC of 4.

These zombies are one of the last creations of the Necromancers. 

The zombies have no treasure, but the remains of the alchemical equipment will get 1000 gp in gold, 3000 gp in silver and 4000 gp in copper. There are also gems (2030 gp) and other equipment (1000 gp) if the characters can haul it out. 

There is a large door on the far wall, it can be open easy enough.

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