Tuesday, January 17, 2023


The OGL 1.1/2.0 drama has thrown me for a loop. Not gonna lie.

2023 Year of the Monster

My whole "Year of the Monster" was built on a foundation of doing monsters of various types all year. I still can, but I need to pivot.

Case in point. I have been silent for the last few days so I can get at least one of my planned monster books out. I am scraping nearly everything and dumping all the art I would use for other projects into it. Hopefully, I'll have something soon.  

I also admit that my enthusiasm for some other plans that were going to extend into 2024 is critically low. 

Even if WotC/Hasbro does some serious backpedaling, my trust is low, and my expectations are non-existent.  This is disappointing because I have enjoyed all editions of D&D. I have also enjoyed writing for all editions of D&D. But I am, right now, not willing to support Wotc/Hasbro and the new version of D&D and my support of 5e is going to be minimal here.

I am though looking forward to some Pathfinder 2nd Ed discussions and deep dives. Also, I am going to try to feature more smaller publishers here. See what they have to offer. Even ones still doing 5e. It's not their fault that Hasbro is doing what they are doing.

So bear with me in this pivot phase.


Adam Dickstein said...

Good luck Tim! I really feel for all the D&D fans disenfranchised by those who they once trusted to entertain them.

I do look forward to seeing what comes of it. As someone who is not a D&D fan, who hasn't cared for the system or its setting for more than 30 years (with rare exceptions), the idea that you and other might create new content for games I do enjoy and care about is very exciting.

I see this whole debacle as a positive for the creativity to come.

Xaosseed said...

Best of luck with the pivot - no point in grinding along without enthusiasm, far better to take a pause and then jump back in because you are happy to.

The last two times the dragon teetered on its perch (late 90s and 08-14) we had an explosion of interesting things, hopefully we get that this time again...