Monday, December 20, 2021

Monstrous Mondays: The Confessor

This creature began with a picture posted to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Facebook group, and I thought it might be fun to stat up.  The original posters asked, "in game terms, what is this?"

Here is what I posted in response. 

It is a "Confessor." It appears in areas of profound sadness. It feeds on the professed guilt of those who sit next to it. You have to confess your worst guilt to it. If you do, it leaves. If you don't or lie to it then it attacks as a specter.

It seemed to go over well, so here are some full stats.

What struck me about it was the white "robes" it is wearing, the bench seems to have room for someone else to sit next to it, and it is out in the daylight.

This is an undead creature, but a special one.

MOVE:  0" (special)
HIT DICE:  10+10 (55 hp)
% IN  LAIR:  100%
DAMAGE/ATTACK:  1d10 + Energy Drain
SPECIAL  ATTACKS:  Compell, Energy Drain
SPECIAL  DEFENSES:  +1 or better weapon to hit
ALIGNMENT:  Chaotic  Evil (Chaotic Neutral)
SIZE:  M  (6' tall)

The confessor is a special undead appearing in places of great sorrow.  They are found sitting alone waiting for someone to sit down next to them.  Humanoids are compelled to do so unless they make a saving throw vs. spells.   If a victim fails the save they sit down next to the confessor. This is all the magic does, what the victim does next is up to them.  If they make the save the confessor still will beckon any living humanoid to come to sit next to it. 

Once someone sits next to the confessor it will then ask them to confess their deepest guilt. The character then has to confess their worst guilt to it. If they do and are honest, it leaves. If they don't or lie to it then it attacks as a 10 HD undead creature.  Its touch does 1d10 hp of damage and drains one energy level as per a specter.  They can and do move about in the daylight and are not harmed by it.  

They can be turned by a cleric as a Lich.  Unless the confessor hears a confession they will return on on the next sunset.  Anyone killed by a confessor will remain as a spirit helplessly haunting the area around the confessor; wordlessly screaming out their warnings to others. 


Have to admit, I thought of this.

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Dick McGee said...

Hmm, interesting. The alignment choice is ominous. I would have expected something Lawful, and maybe even Good from something who's schtick is getting you to unburden yourself to it, but I suppose it is sort of compelling you to do so, which is Evil-ish. So what does it do with those confessions? Do confessors keep a big book of sins and regrets somewhere, or report to some superior? Is there an necromancer-led blackmail ring operating where these things frequent?

Also, while they "...can and do move about in the daylight..." they don't do so very well with a move of 0" do they? :) I take the "special" note means they can move at some speed if someone triggers their attack, or they're sniped at from a distance. Or do they just fade into the Ethereal if/when they leave or a victim escapes their immediate vicinity? They don't seem to be incorporeal, though...