Saturday, July 25, 2020

Games Plus Fall Auction

I have mentioned my Favorite Local Game Store, Games Plus, many times here.
They have a games auction twice a year, in October and in March.

This year they are looking for some advice on how to run their October auction.
While COVID cases are slightly down in Illinois, Cook County has seen some minor increases.  The state is generally going in the right direction, but things could change if people lose vigilance.

This game auction is often the source of all my rare and wonderful items I find.  

Why am I bringing this up to you all?  Well, one of the options includes a virtual auction that would allow you to bid from anywhere.   While I have absolutely no desire to have all the gamers that follow me bid against me, one of these options opens the auction up to people that have never been able to take advantage of the joy that is a Games Plus game auction.

So let them know what you think if you would like to take advantage of this.  

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