Friday, June 5, 2020

#FollowFriday BECMI Edition

It's another #FollowFriday here at the Other Side.

Since this is the first week of BECMI Month I thought some good old-school sites and accounts were in order.

Remember.  It is often not just enough to join these sites, you need to engage with them as well.


Let's start with the big one, the BECMI Facebook group.
Run by TSR Alum Bruce Heard it has been a treasure trove of BECMI information for me for years.

Another is the BECMI D&D page on Facebook.

Want to see what is new in the BECMI/D&D world?  Check out Twitter.

Bruce Heard

TSR in the World

Let's go with a Bruce Heard trifecta, here is his blog, About Bruce Heard and New Stories.
In particular, I am focusing on this post for my War of the Witch Queens campaign.
Revisiting BECMI Skills,

Over at MeWe there are a lot of groups that need some more followers and people to interact.

Dedicated to the B/X, BECMI and later AD&D 2nd Ed world of Mystara.

And this one I just found and his art is really fun.

He also does a Keep on the Borderlands themed web comic.


stebehil said...

Oh, and Pandius and The Piazza need to be mentioned for much BECMI/Known World/Mystara goodness.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

They are being saved for another week!