Tuesday, March 17, 2020

New Release: Craft of the Wise - The Pagan Witch Tradition for OSE

Happy St. Patrick's Day (today), Ostra and Spring Equinox (Thursday)!
We just had a Friday the 13th and a full moon so the timing is perfect for witches and pagans.

After many delays, and one detour for the Pumpkin Spice Witch, here is my newest witch book designed for the Old-School Essentials RPG.

The Craft of the Wise - The Pagan Witch Tradition

This is the fifth book in my "Basic Era Games" series of books for the witch class.

Introducing the Pagan Tradition, witches dedicated to the ”Old Ways.”
- The BĂĄndrui and Followers of Aradia covens
- 100 Spells and Rituals for witch and non-witch characters
- 28 Monsters to challenge or be allies
- 4 Non-player characters to challenge the mightiest characters

Fully compatible with Old-School Essentials and other Basic-Era games.
Fully compatible with other witch books from The Other Side.

Both the PDF and Print-on-Demand versions are ready now!

And as a special bonus, I commissioned James V. West to design a witch-specific character sheet for both your Basic-era and Swords & Wizard witch characters. You can get those for FREE.
Want more? There is also a special PWYW Witch Character Folio which has both sheets and tables for your witch character's advancement.

All the books in the Basic Era Games series are 100% compatible with each other. 

Each features a different witch tradition, different rules for the game they are designed for, new covens, new NPCs and new witch spells and rituals.  Each includes some monsters associated with witches to use in your games.

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