Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Witch's Caldron

Another "Holy Grail" find this week.  But this is a cheat, I have been looking for this on eBay for a while.

Ral Partha's Witch's Caldron
Not to be confused with The Witch's Cauldron.

I didn't want the newer 2016 version so I have been looking for a complete 1980 version with minis. Well, my persistence finally paid off.

The box is full great stuff too.

The minis are what you expect from Ral Partha in the 1980s. Yes, that is a positive thing.

The Wizard and the Witch,

Lots of great minis in this.

Part of me wants them painted, another part of me doesn't.  Maybe I'll just find some pre-painted minis that I can use in place of these.

Going back to my "Traveller Envy" I would love to figure out a way to use this in my War of the Witch Queens campaign.  A battle that the wizard pulling the strings of the PCs makes them participate in against one of the Witch Queens.


Alec Semicognito said...


Mark Iddings said...

The good thing is all of those miniatures you can still get at ironwindmetals.com. So you could potentially keep the original ones unpainted and get nice new crisp copies to slap some color on.

Mark Iddings said...

The good thing is that you can still buy all of those miniatures at iron wind metals.com and that way you can keep the original set unpainted and get a crisp new set of miniatures to slap some color onto.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Thanks! That is a good idea.