Thursday, December 6, 2018

Featured Artist: Larry Elmore

This one might seem something like a cheat or a dodge. I mean the idea behind Featured Artist is to share with you artists I enjoy and want you to know more about.  Let's be honest EVERYONE knows who Larry Elmore is.

But in truth, there might not be my witch class and thus not this blog had it not been for Larry Elmore.  Well. That might be overstating it since I was working on my witch rather early.  But it was his art that gave me inspiration.  I do know I would never have published my first "netbook" of witches had it not been for his art.

This week is my "anniversary week" and Elmore has had an inordinate influence on my writings. It seems only fair to give him his due here.

I have to be 100% honest.
I love his witches.

This witch appeared in the famous Dragon #114 version of the witch class and she was the "face" of my witch character ever since.  My goal is to get this as a print to put up in my game room.

Equally as influential was the Dragonlance character Laurana, which is not a great mental leap to my own Larina.  Though really only in name.  Laurana went from spoiled princess to warrior to one of the main heroes of the Dragonlance saga.

Though this next one was more influential.
"Early Snow" was one of my favorites. So much so that at Gen Con 2010 I bought the mini from Dark Sword and a signed print from Larry himself.

Larry admitted he loves drawing women and witches in particular.

He is pretty famous for his clerics too.

Aleena should have been working with Avalyne! She might still be alive.

And of course, there is this one, maybe his most famous painting ever.

But on Earth-2 they got this one as the cover.

I have to say, I like this one better.  Maybe not as epic as "one man vs. dragon" but it is more "D&D" with a fighter, magic-user and what could be an elf or halfling. I am going with halfling.

There is so much art out there that I could spend days talking about it and him.

You can find Larry on the internet at:


Dr. Theda said...

We loved his art (back in the later 80's) !!

Kurt Roesener said...

I Loved Elmore's art ever since I read Dragon Lance, back in 84 or 85, captured the spirit of what I thought DL should be. It still resonates with me today, after all these years.

Anthony Simeone said...

Excellent post! Elmore is my all-time favorite, as evidenced by my End-of-Week Elmore posts I've been doing for SIX YEARS on my blog! Not sure if you know about that, Tim, but I'm assuming you do since you've been around for a long time on the blogosphere too. Check it out when you have a chance:*

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Yes! I look forward to your Elmore posts each week.

Anthony Simeone said...

Really?! That means a lot, thanks!