Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Into the Borderlands

I stopped by my favorite local game store, Games Plus, today and picked up my copy of the "new" Goodman Games Into the Borderlands.

It's a huge book.

Almost 400 pages (380) and full of nostalgic content.

There are several essays from people involved with the originals and the new project.

Some full-color panels of the covers and maps.

Inside the covers where they belong!

So interesting tidbits I never saw in the earlier modules.

It compares favorably to the originals, but it's size makes it awkward for the game table.  I am hoping that Goodman Games comes out with a PDF so I can just print the sections I want.

This book also has some new spells and some "new" monsters, or really monsters ported over from the Fiend Folio for the most part. 

The large number "1" in the upper left-hand corner is quite conspicuous.  I am wondering if we will get a "2" with Palace of the Silver Princess and Ilse of Dread?  A detailed treatment of B3 Palace of the Silver Princess would be fantastic, to be honest.

Is it worth the $50 price tag?  Maybe not to new gamers, but certainly to gamers of my age bracket.

I think it is pretty damn fun in my opinion!


tsw512 said...

Glad you like it! It was a pleasure to work on this project for Goodman Games. Yes, there will be more! :)

Justin Ryan Isaac said...

I’ve already ran one 5e Keep game, but I still want to pick this one up.

grodog said...

It was very popular at GaryCon and sold through at the Black Blade booth by midday on Friday! We'll have more copies at the North Texas RPG Con in June :D


Cross Planes said...

Goodman Games explained to me that WotC has the PDF rights for this release. I'm worried we won't see one. Or it could be tied to DnD Beyond.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

If WotC has the rights then I expect it is more likely we will see them on DMSGuild.

DnDBeyond is exclusively 5e content.

Cross Planes said...

I don't think we will see it on DMsGuild because we haven't found any full print run 5E books in PDF on there (that I recall), but we do get them on DnDBeyond.

I hope you are right though. I love DnDBeyond but would prefer a standard PDF.

Unknown said...

In this module, how does the dragon mask work, it says recharge 6, what does that mean?

Unknown said...

In this module how does the dragons mask work, it says recharge 6, what does that mean?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Roll a d6 and on a 6 it can be used again.