Monday, October 2, 2017

October Horror Movie Challenge: The Car (1977)

Ah. This little piece of cinematic trash made to it TV sometime in the late 70s. I am sure I recorded it back in the 80s at one point, and then transferred to another tape in the 90s.  I WISH I had kept the commercials in this, but I edited them out to make more room on the tape.   That's a lot of work to spend on this movie.

Rewatching this now, 40 years later, I am again taken with the 70s obsession with the Devil.  Plus I will never get that horn out of my mind.
The movie is lack luster really.  Killer car.  People find some really dumb ways to put themselves in the path of this thing.

I remember thinking at the time it was cool concept, but poorly executed.

Connor, predictably, was bored. So was I to be honest.

My memory of this movie is much better than the movie itself.  The final scene where the car is blown up and "the devil" is released was also much cooler in my memory than on this tape.
I remember my brothers and sisters watching this and then laughing many years later when a still of the explosion was later used in a supermarket gossip rag as the "face of the devil" in a storm.

Maybe it is time to remake this one.  Maybe now with a killer drone.

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Sean Robert Meaney said...

So we can expect a reboot in the driverless car age?

Pun Isaac said...

You should watch Killdozer.

Big Jack Brass said...

Apparently Guillermo del Toro drives a replica of The Car, built by his brother.

Greyhawk Grognard said...


Tim Snider said...

This movie and Killdozer were the inspirations for Cryptworld's "Murdermobile" in Monsters Macabre. Also, car designer George Barris (who did the TV Batmobile, the Munsters Koach, etc.) designed The Car.