Friday, November 11, 2016

Dungeons & Dragons in Toy Hall of Fame

The big news in the RPG world is of course, the introduction of Dungeons & Dragons into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

You can read what they said about D&D here:

Some people are commenting, and maybe rightly so, that the pictures show the wrong box.  But I disagree in one respect.

Moldvay Basic, a game I have very fond memories of, was D&D for many gamers my age.  Yes, we all love White Box even with all it's weird idiosyncracies, Moldvay Basic (and Expert) really opened the rules up to so many; many that did not have that wargaming background.  This was the edition that was made for D&D players first. what Holmes (which I also love) this was something new.

My wife says it was included in the Toy Hall of Fame this year in part due to Stranger Things.  I agree, but D&D also has had a pretty successful couple of years.  D&D 5 is doing great, the 40th anniversary was a huge success, and gamers of the 80s are now the successful adults of today. So there is that.

So congrats D&D!  Well earned.

Here is another interesting thought.  How many of you that started with Moldvay Basic/Cook & Marsh Expert ALSO had that Fisher Price Little People Barnyard toy as a kid?  I think every kid in the 70s was issued one.


Stu Ordana said...

I never had the Little People Farm set (oddly since I grew up on a farm) but had the Little People House, Garage/Parking Ramp, and House Boat. I also had a swing. :)

But great to see D&D get entered into the National Toy Hall of Fame. A cool honor for a game I love.

Prowler said...

I had both, and also the Little People Castle, which was a personal favorite. Still have them, and shared with my boys as they grew up!

Arlee Bird said...

I never once played D&D even though many of my friends got into it for a period. At that time I was traveling with a roadshow and rarely back home. I'd talk to some of them on the phone sometimes and they'd tell me about the game, but I never quite got what they were talking about. They were fanatical though as I might have ended up being if I had lived around my hometown during those years.

Arlee Bird
Wrote By Rote

JB said...

I certainly remember playing with that farm set, and may have even been owned by my family (the memories are hazy).

Love that magenta box.