Friday, August 12, 2016

RPGaDAY2016: Day 12

What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?

My current group, my kids, love D&D and D&D-like games. They love the old school feel, but prefer new-school mechanics.  So D&D 5 has been perfect so far but it is also very likely we will try some Castles & Crusades next.

My youngest doest care really. As long as he can play his half-elf ranger with an animal companion he is good.  My oldest will play anything, but he likes to play Dragonborn. So if we do C&C I'll need to figure out how to convert the Dragonborn race over.
It would be perfect for my "Second Campaign".

We have also talked about an ACKS/Basic mash-up.
If I do limit my "War of the Witch Queens" campaign to just 13 levels then that is my choice.

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