Thursday, November 12, 2015

Blustery Day

So no post today.  I have been writing my posts at night or very early in the morning to post later in day lately.  Last night I could not work on anything because I was too busy working on the Chili for my work's annual Chili Cookoff.

I do a different recipe every year.  This year I went with one my son and I called "The Mississippi Queen".

Well it paid off.  I got 1st Place!

My winning ingredients?  Bacon grease (not so secret) and Ghost Peppers fresh from the garden.

Regular blogging tomorrow.


Mphs.Steve said...

Congrats on the win. It is that time of year. They are calling for frost in my neck of the woods for Friday night and the habaneros my wife & I grew this year are whispering to me so chili might happen this weekend.

JB said...

Oh, man, I miss chili! That looks delicious.

Beautiful kitchen by the way. Looks very clean and uncluttered.