Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AD&D Reprints

The AD&D reprints are now in.

They are really nice too.

Newer paper that feels thicker, if glossier.  "Gilded" edges.  Nice covers.  These are nice enough to be collectors' items and still sturdy enough to be able to play with them.

The covers are a nice homage.

Gilded pages are always a nice touch.

It might be hard to see here, but the text is not an "exact" copy, there are some minor formatting issues.  The books though have the same page count as before and my quick glance tells me that things that show up on page X in the old books still appear on page X of the new ones.

I also like the ribbon book mark.

This copyright statement and the new ISBNs are the only clue you will get inside that this was not a TSR publication.  Many companies wold have altered the text inside to a degree I am sure.  These pages, even considering they were completely re-done, are the same.

I think we are going to be playing some First Edition here soon!

There is your history of D&D right there.  Original Edition, Basic, Advanced 1 & 2 (and OSRIC), RC, 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder and 4e.  And my new books have a new home.  That is till my kids see them in a couple of hours and they end up upstairs in their rooms.

I am not sure how much of my purchase went to the Gygax Memorial fund, but as long as it was some then I am fine.

Major kudos to WotC for getting these produced.


Digital Orc said...

I like your final pic of the books in (somewhat) chronological order.

Timothy said...

Yes, picked mine up, however when I took the shrink wrap off the pages started wrinkling.They are really nice though.

Billiam Babble said...

Thanks for this review - seeing the gilding, the ribbon and what they look like on the shelf makes all the difference. :)
I'm still trying to work out if they can be sold to customers in the UK. Hmm....

Pete said...

@Biliam Babble - yes they're in the usual distribution to game stores in the UK as far as I know and I think available to any retailer which buys from Esdevium.

Brian I said...

Yea, they are quite nice. I had a good time last night rereading the DMG especially - it's been a lot of years.

While they are great collectors books, these copies, I think, are going to be my play copies. My originals, with their histories, inscriptions, etc. are my "collectors" versions.

RealDM said...

Kids take them up to their rooms? SO they can lean their tablets on them while checking facebook ?