Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tara 4-Trevor

So today is Tara's birthday in the Dragon and the Phoenix series.
And as it turns out Tara (and her real-world alter-ego Amber Benson) have something to say.

Here are the links to her posts,

So for this week you can purchase a limited edition "Triangle" Tara (how limited? I don't even have one) and 100% of the money spent will go to the Trevor Project.

How much will Triangle Tara set you back?  $100.00.
But it is all for a great cause and you can get your Tara figure signed and personalized by Amber herself.

After that then the price goes up to $125.00 with a 50% going to the Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project aids GLBTQ youth by running a suicide prevention hot-line, advocacy and educational materials. 

Years back I helped the Kitten Board Trevor project donations and it was a great feeling knowing we could be helping out some of the most at risk kids out there.

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christian said...

That's a heck of a good cause and good on you for helping people out.