Monday, November 1, 2010

October Stats

Needless to say, but October was a very busy month over here at the old Other Side.
Watching horror movies, blogging about old school, new school and horror brings in some traffic.

I made 53 posts this month which resulted in 9,494 visits. Of that, 1,315 came directly to this site (with 82.21 % of those being unique),  and 5,585 from referring sites.

So, to thank those referring sites, here they are.  See what they are doing also! (Eden's board)

Thanks for sending so much traffic my way!


christian said...

My pleasure, Tim.

I really enjoy your blog because you are a gamer through and through. You don't build a fence around a single game or era, then stand on your porch yelling, "Get offa mah lawn, ya damned newfangled gew gaws!"

The variety of content here makes all of my visits enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

Daddy Grognard said...

Glad to have been a conduit - I have nigh on 215 blogs on my blogroll so I guess that visitors to my blog use the list as a signpost to other cool content.

Long may this cross-pollination continue!