Sunday, July 19, 2009

Witch Girls Adventures: Willow and Tara

It really was only a matter of time before I did this.

Witch Girls Adventures is my new favorite system, and of course Willow & Tara are long time favorites of mine. Instead of presenting them like I normally do, I am going with the girls at about the time they met.

I used the rules right out of the book, with the updates for 18 year-olds. I like how they turned out, not a direct translation from their Unisystem stats (Willow and Tara), but really nice.

So here they are. Willow and Tara for Witch Girls Adventures.

Willow Rosenberg

Witch Outsider

Body: d6
Mind: d8 +1
Senses: d8
Will: d12
Social: d6
Magic: d10

Life Points: 10
Reflex: 9
Resist Magic: 14
Zap Points: 21

Skills (Rank)
Computers d8 +7 (+1 from Brainiac)
Fix-Electronics d8 +5 (+1 from Brainiac)
Fix-Mechanical d8 +4 (+1 from Brainiac)
Mythology d8 + 3 (+1 from Brainiac)
Plucky d8 +2
Science d8 + 7 (+1 from Brainiac)

Casting d10 + 6
Focus d12 + 4
Herbalism d8 +2 (+1 from Brainiac)
Mysticism d8 +5

Zap Happy

Attuned (MTR +1)

Alteration 2, Conjuration 1, Cybermancy 3, Divination 1, Illusion 2, Mentalism 2, Offense 2, Protection 2
Signature Spell: Move

Dolls Eye Crystal (-1 Zap)

Tara Maclay

Witch Insider

Body: d6
Mind: d6
Senses: d8
Will: d10
Social: d6 +1 (Empath)
Magic: d10

Life Points: 12
Reflex: 11
Resist Magic: 15
Zap Points: 20

Skills (Rank)
Acting d6 +2 (+1 from Empath)
Art d6 +3
Basics d6 +2
Computers d6 +1
Hear d8 +2
Mythology d6 + 6
Singing d6 +5 (+1 from Empath)

Casting d10 +5
Cryptozoology d6 +2
Focus d10 +3
Magical Etiquette d6 +4
Mysticism d6 +3
Potions d10 +2

Goody-Goody (+1 to casting rolls to beneficial spells)
Meek (+1 to mundane skill rolls when unobserved)


Alteration 3, Divination 4, Elementalism 2, Healing 1, Mentalism 4, Protection 2
Signature Spell: Levitate

Cat – Miss Kitty Fantastico

New Heritage: Empath
Empaths are very much in tune with the ebb and flow of emotions. She is the first to know when a friend is experiencing joy, but also when she is feeling mental anguish. People are naturally drawn to the Empath knowing that she does understand.
Advantages: The Empath gains 1 rank of Divination and her Social is +1.
Disadvantages: So tied in the emotions around her the Empath is at -2 to casting Curses and Offensive spells.

I added Empath since it seemed like a no-brainer to me. Tara's an empath.


Tim Knight said...

Thanks for this Tim, I was just thinking last night that I should ask you how you were getting on with WGA.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I am enjoying the hell out of this game to be honest.

My only gripe is I didn't write it myself. ;)


Tim Knight said...

My only gripe is I didn't write it myself. ;)

That's my gripe about a great many systems (including Savage Worlds and Cinematic Unisystem) :-D

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

That "Doll's Eye Crystal" thing mean -1 Zap cost, not minus one total zap, right?

Capcha: Weeri