Monday, January 5, 2009

Design Blog, #2

Eldritch Witchery Updates

Well I was originally going to include a bunch of demons and devils in this book, sort of a "everything that everyone thought D&D was about but really isn't" would be here. I survived the "Satanic Panic!" of the 80's, have been accused of being a Satanists on more than one occasion and of course it isn't true (a perverse slave is still a slave). But I wanted to have my fun too. Well reality often gets in the way and the reality is that EW is going to be a bit larger than I thought so something has to go.

At the moment I have the Witch and Warlock classes, a section on Traditions, some information on covens, and of course plenty of new spells and magic items. There will be some monsters of course. I want to include Hags and of course I need to have my Druthers in it.

Normally here I suppose one would post their notes on design, but most of mine are from previous versions of this class, so my notes are really more on how I plan to implement them. Right now I am looking for any documentaries or movies about witchcraft that were filmed in the 70s. That is feel I want, something very “Rosemarie’s Baby” like or even better, the original “The Initiation of Sarah”. Not so much for the story, but more for the feel of the times. Or maybe some of the funky old books that my old hometown library used to have. Or some Hammer Horror, like “To the Devil a Daughter”. In any case this project is going to force me (allow me) to watch some really crappy 70s horror. That is almost worth it in and of itself!
In the meantime, I have been re-watching a lot of Charmed. I’d still love to do a Charmed RPG, just don’t see it taking off now after the show went off the air. Though I understand the books sell well enough.

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