Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Go for the Eyes Boo! New Monster Manual 2025 Cover

 The new cover for the 2025 Monster Manual has been revealed.

Monster Manual 2025

That is Minsc and Boo on the front and a character I do recognize but can't name at the moment.

A beholder makes perfect sense really. 

I know some people out there won't like it call it a "crash grab" but the truth is anyone that cares about that isn't buying this anyway and anyone buying it doesn't care.

Me? I like it! Lots of monsters, a call back to some classic characters. Yeah, this looks great.


doccarnby said...

Honestly, I wish we got cameos like this on covers back in the 3e days when I played.

Pun Isaac said...

The wizard is the current Blackstaff of Waterdeep, Vajra.

Jonathan Linneman said...

That's a really cool cover. I don't even buy all that many RPG books but I kinda want to get this just to upgrade my MM cover.

Lance Duncan said...

I still don't love it, but I do like these covers over the original 5e covers