Tuesday, August 22, 2023

#RPGaDay2023 Best SECONDHAND RPG purchase

 This one I had to think about this one for a bit. I have found so many great deals over the years that it was hard to choose just one really.  But in the end I think I figured it out. 

The Dark Eye

I have known about this game for a while, both The Dark Eye and the original German Das Schwarze Auge. I always wanted to own the original German, having taken German in both high school and college, but not using a language for, well, longer than I care to admit, you lose it. Das tut mir leid.

The Dark Eye always attracted me as a sort of darker fantasy RPG.  A game where Mirkwood is replaced by the Black Forest.  

I picked the 2nd Printing of the English edition at my local game auction.  I grabbed the core rules and a bunch of add-ons that I suspect came from Kickstarter. There is a lot, and it all looks so good. There is even a basic QuickStart.

The Dark Eye RPG

I played around with it for a bit, did some characters, and did a review. I enjoyed it so much I picked the special edition leather cover as well.

But it is a really great game, and I really enjoy it. I also wish I could play more of it than I do.


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PT Dilloway said...

I took Spanish in high school and usually I don't remember much but sometimes if I use a little of it then more will come back to me. Most of it is probably locked away in my brain somewhere.