Tuesday, April 11, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 4, Room 11

A small passageway in the back of Room #10 leads down to a rough-cut cave.  

Level 4, Room 11

A small glowing stone is stuck into a small pedestal in the middle of the cave.  There is plenty of track around the stone, wearing out the stone ground. The area 5' radius around the stone is untouched. 

The stone is a Chaos Stone, one of the artifacts of the mages.  It is made of pure chaos and its effects are random.

Any character touching the stone rolls a 2d6 and consults the table below.

  • 2: The character is transported to a random location within 100 feet of the stone.
  • 3-4: The character is granted a temporary penalty to one of their ability scores by -1.
  • 5-6: The character is cursed with a minor ailment, such as -3 on attack rolls or saving throws. 
  • 7: The stone has no effect.
  • 8-9: The character is blessed with a minor boon, such as +3 on all attack rolls or saving throws.
  • 10-11: The character gains a powerful boon, such as a +2 bonus to one of their ability scores.
  • 12: The character gains a permanent +1 to one ability score determined at random.

A character can only touch the stone once for effect.  Unless noted, the effects last 1d6+6 turns.

The stone is fixed to the pedestal. Any attempts to remove it will cause it to shatter. If the shards are collected they could be sold to a high level magic-user or alchemist for 20-50 gp (1d4+1 x10).

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