Tuesday, April 5, 2022

This Old Computer

I interrupt this A to Z Blogging with my newest acquisition/restoration project.

Over the winter break, I worked on my new Color Computer upgrade to a full retro gaming machine.

Well, I am moving on to a larger project now.

TRS-80 Case

TRS-80 Case

TRS-80 Case

It is the case for a TRS-80 Model III, the first computer I ever used.  

The cabling for the CoCo mod was tight, but this is so roomy on the inside.  Not to mention 2 full-height 5.25" drive bays.  I still have drive rails and even a hot-swap chassis for USB to IDE drives.  I even have DVD and Blu-Ray drives I could put into this.

Honestly, I am high with anticipation about what I could do with this.  The monitor is the limiting factor of course and I would need to design a bunch of new parts to 3D print, but those are just details, and minor ones at that.

Nothing it happening though for a bit.  That case needs some serious care.  When I UV bleached my other one it was recommended that I just paint it.  I might do that here. It is frankly a wreck, but not so much so that I can't make it work.

Now to decide...Windows, Linux or TRS-DOS?  Nah just kidding, this will be Windows I am sure. 


Sean Robert Meaney said...

I would suggest going with the military OS and acquiring military simulators.

Joy said...

I remember this computer well. Our high school got one for the computer club. Looking back on it, I'm alarmed by how it was only the boys that got to be part of computer club. I had yet to find my feminist backbone to counter that in the late 70s.

Joy's Book Blog

Timothy S. Brannan said...


Thankfully the tide is turning on that one! Plus some of the most famous programmers EVER have been women.